slow down. recieve more.

A home for women ready to glow inside and out.

My purpose is to remind you of who you really are and give you the tools to uplift yourself. I'll be your guide up the mountain and help you keep choosing YOU.

What I will do, with unwavering faith, is hold you to your highest, most loving possibility so that you live into her each and everyday. And I know that when you do that, you will more inspired, excited, happy and alive than ever before.

I’m Em - your yoga guide and biggest supporter. 

Join our community of spiritual women who are making waves in their health and fitness. You’ll be challenged, coached, and opened up alongside other like minded women! Women who are choosing to soften, let go, and open up to the full inheritance of who they really are. We're not pushers or strugglers here. We know that our most powerful self comes from being aligned and positive and that from that high vibrational state our dreams realize effortlessly and we can get, do and be everything we truly desire.

Yoga that focuses on the 'how'. The process, the feeling good in each moment.

I believe in

Yoga that acknowledges it's roots and history, yet serves our needs today.

Yoga that is spiritual, opens your heart, calms your mind and brings peace to your soul.

Yoga that is for every body. No hierarchy here, just spiritual people coming together to move, breathe and be with no judgement.

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